Meet the Counseling Crew

Willow Amendola, M. Ed.
Counselor & Student Services 

Willow Amendola has 20+ years experience as a counselor in Wyoming, Colorado and Utah supporting a diversity of individuals from infancy through adulthood.  She has worked in developmental preschools, supported independent living facilities with adolescents and adults with disabilities, residential treatment facilities with at-risk and disadvantaged youth and in both private and public educational settings.

Meet Our Counseling Crew

Iris Gonzales

Odessey House School Therapist 

Iris Gonzales, CSW is our School Therapist at SPA. She is passionate about supporting and encouraging others to achieve their goals and overcome life’s obstacles. She loves enhancing the positive strengths and values in everyone through different modalities using evidence-based approach.

Iris is a graduate of the University of Utah, where she earned her degree in Master of Social Work. She is trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and working towards getting fully certified. She also holds a Crisis Worker Certification through the State of Utah. Iris has worked at the Utah State Prison, UNI Crisis and is currently with Odyssey House of Utah.

Lexie Hall

Counseling Secretary/Registrar

Lexie Hall is our Registrar and Counseling Secretary at SPA, as well as one of our Hope Squad Advisors. Having been involved with the Hope Squad program for ten years now, both as a student participant and now an advisor, she has dedicated her time to raising awareness for mental health and suicide prevention by helping to educate students on the importance of mental health awareness.

Lexie is currently working towards obtaining her School Counseling license and is loving every minute of it.

Linda Gunderson

Recruitment and Retention Specialist

Linda Gunderson, our Recruitment and Retention Specialist, is our point of contact for all of our new and incoming students. She is always ready to welcome anyone into our school with open arms and prepared to answer any questions with a smile!

Linda has been a substitute teacher at our school for 7 years and still steps into the classroom on occasion. 

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