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College Information

College Application Process

Understanding what documents to submit for your college and scholarship applications is important to know well in advance. All colleges will require an application and official transcript. Most colleges will require your ACT score. Some colleges and scholarships will require additional materials.

Application documents may include:

  • Application - Each college will require an application; The length of the application can vary. Most applications are now online, allowing you to start, save and edit as necessary. Might as well start early!


  • Transcript - All colleges will want an OFFICIAL copy of your transcript. An official copy means it comes directly from the school. It is a good idea to review your "Historical Grades" on PowerSchool to make sure all grades are included and accurate. 


  • ACT/SAT Scores - Most colleges will want a copy of your ACT (or SAT) scores. Some colleges use it to accept or decline admission. Others use it for class placement only. Scores must be sent directly from ACT. Use the link below to create an account and make a request.

  • Letters of Recommendation - Some schools and scholarships require letters of recommendation. Consider a counselor, teacher, coach, supervisor, etc who knows you and can speak to your strengths and character. It is also helpful to provide a resume to the person writing your letter in order to give additional information. You can use the following form. Please give at least 2 weeks notice. Remember - you are not the only one requesting a letter of recommendation.

  • Essay/Personal Statement - Some colleges, honors programs, or scholarships require an essay or personal statement. This is an opportunity to show the college something special about you and also demonstrate your writing skills. It is recommended that you take your time in developing this piece. Proper use of grammar, punctuation, and spelling are important. When possible, show with examples rather than just telling. Here are some tips:

  • Audition/Portfolio/Interview - Some colleges or programs will require an audition, portfolio, or interview. Each program will have specific requirements that may differ greatly from one program to the next. It is very important to start preparing audition and portfolio pieces early. Contact the school or program to learn the details of what is required.

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